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LOTD: Reversed black and white cut crease



Hi everyone,


Today a pretty extreme look. I wanted to do a reversed black and white cut crease for a while but I have to admit I got a little overboard with it haha. So no it is not meant to be wearable, this was just me having a creative mind explosion Wink Hope you enjoy it anyways!




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LOTD : Frozen Violets

I wasn’t really sure if I liked this look or not, it’s strange but I kind of missed my ‘crease’ Wink I love to define my crease and I skipped that part in this look. So it looks a bit strange to me I feel like I am missing something , but I still like the color combination. Hope you enjoy!


















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LOTD: MY signature look ;)

In my MUA giveaway I asked you guys a question: What is your signature look? Today I’m going to show you mine! This is a look I like to do if I go shopping or just want to do a easy peasy quick look!  I normally don’t wear the same look but I loved this look so much that I wear it more often!

I do want to mention that I toke these pictures when it was getting dark already so please bare with me if it’s not the best picture quality ! And I’m wearing the look for a couple of hours already Wink Anyways hope you enjoy!


















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LOTD: Going Naturel with my Inglot

This look is from last week and if you follow me on twitter you know why I haven’t upload it yet. I was not happy with the liner in this look because the liner I was using applied really uneven and because of that reason it was really hard to apply. I think it dried up or something. Anyways.. when I showed the look on twitter you guys still wanted a blogpost on it so here it is.. I want to thank everyone for your support because whenever I feel insecure about something I always get great feedback and I really do appreciate that! Because I was not sure if I would post it online or not I don’t have that many pictures of the look.

On to the look! * you guys asked for more Smiling pictures so that’s what you’re getting Wink*


















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